Watch Sex and the City in 60 Seconds

Gotta love the menopause alarm!

Fear not, Tudors fans. The Borgias, a.k.a. the Italian version starring Jeremy Irons, will premiere on Showtime next year.

Here's the Weeds Season 6 promo trailer. I don't think it will sit well with Esteban.

Christina Hendricks is always smokin'... on Mad Men, on Firefly, and definitely in this Broken Bells music video.


... I didn't think I could love Taye Diggs any more. But then I saw him on Ellen talking about his new baby.

... These leading ladies on TV make us LOL.

... Want to know which new summer shows you should actually watch? Metacritic knows what's up.

... The Hollywood Reporter interviewed the one and only Bob Newhart.

... Why the LA Times decided to rank the top 120 American Idol contestants is beyond me. It's simple, really: Clay Aiken is forever.

... Speakin' of Idol, here's an interview with Crystal Bowersox.

... Glee's Jessalyn Gilsig explained her character Terri's recent "friendship" with Finn (Cory Monteith).

... The internets are trying to get George Takei to host SNL. If Betty White signs the petition, I'm in.

... Can you believe that these huge film stars started on TV?

... Warm fuzzies alert: Here is Jane Lynch's New York Times wedding announcement.

... Ahem. That's Sir Patrick Stewart to you.

... Does Bill O'Reilly have a crush on Lady Gaga? I hope so.

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