Watch Shaq Roast Jimmy Kimmel on His Own Show

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Shaq tried his hand at standup comedy. Not bad, eh?

Michael Douglas is the epitome of class.

Here's the new slushi-fied Glee promo.

This is what Mad Men would be like in its 10th season.


... New York Magazine offers five ways to fix AMC's Rubicon.

... The Shield, Lie to Me, and Terriers creator Shawn Ryan talked to Forbes about all sorts of things.

... These are the celebrities that you won't see next season on Dancing with the Stars.

... True Blood figurines (of Sookie, Bill, and Eric) are now for sale! I hope bobbleheads are next.

... Maybe if enough people tweet at Kelsey Grammer, he'll realize that a Frasier spinoff is a horrible idea.

... Bristol Palin wants to wear modest clothes on Dancing with the Stars. She knows that we all know she had sex with Levi Johnston, right?

... Snooki totally rejected that marriage proposal. You go, girl!

... CBS' sitcom machine, Chuck Lorre, spoke to Esquire about, well, being a sitcom machine.

... Back in the day, Ryan Seacrest was on Beverly Hills, 90210. Cute.

... And while we're on the subject of flashbacks, David Letterman was on The $20,000 Pyramid. Check out those pants!

... I think TVGuide's Chris Harrison may be my new favorite red carpet personality. Check out his Emmys interviews! (And try to ignore his annoying female counterpart.)

... Glamour totally botched Lea Michele's cover photo.

... Here's an interview with Peter Wingfield, who played Methos on Highlander.

... Doctor Who has left us withsome pretty great cliffhangers over the years.

.. Tim Gunn is writing a book, and I plan to read it.

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Sep 02, 2010
i truly enjoyed this all the way.some of the Comedians featured here while not always knocking me out with there regular Comedy were really funny here.Cedric The Entertainer&Steve Harvey cracked me up.Dick Gregory was a Hoot as well.this was cool.Shaq is the Baddest Cat on The Court&is cool off the court.very down to Earth.
Sep 01, 2010
Heh, Shaq was pretty funny.. even though he tends to be a drama queen
Sep 01, 2010
oh shaq you is so crazy!
Sep 01, 2010