Watch SNL's Latest Digital Short, "I Just Had Sex"

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In my eyes, The Lonely Island can do no wrong.

Here's an extended preview of Shonda Rimes' new show, Off the Map. That woman is a dramedy machine.

This is what happens when Oprah goes to Australia.

Check out this sweet Firefly-style adaptation of the Fringe opening credits. Sci-fi fans are the best!

And here's yet another Portlandia preview. Cue the 90s nostalgia!


... Here's the skinny on the weird Twitter feud between Neil Patrick Harris and Eric Braeden, the actor who was supposed to return to How I Met Your Mother to play Robin's dad.

... From the looks of this Christmas card, it appears that Joy Behar and Bill O'Reilly have made up.

... The Hollywood Reporter's Tim Goodman has just published his epic list of the top 18 TV shows of 2010.

... Check out this Glee-ful holiday card from Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison.

... Have you, by chance, been wondering what happened to Dawson's mom from Dawson's Creek? TMZ is all over it.

... Here's Fearnet's unique take on the best TV of the year. (Hint: Braaaaaaaaains!)

... HBO just released these little teaser videos of Bill, Barb, Nicki, and Margene from Big Love in anticipation of the very depressing-looking fifth and final season.

... TV Guide made this list of the best TV performances of the year—and they gave a shout-out to Chris Pratt from Parks and Recreation!

... Christina Hendricks, Olivia Munn, and Seth Myers are all going to star in a chick flick together sometime next year. Random!

... Somewhere outside of Buffalo, NY... the cave from Loststill exists.

... Here's a picture of 30 Rock's Jack McBrayer with a bunch of lady pages from NBC.

... interviewed Bryan Cranston about Breaking Bad and (!) his new web series.

... Ricky Gervais wrote this holiday message for the Wall Street Journal. Spoiler alert: He's an atheist.

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