Watch Snooki Teach David Letterman to Fist Pump

Is it just me, or is Snooki getting more... eloquent?

Uh, the Britney episode of Glee is going to be epic.

I can't wait to see Amy Poehler host SNL again! I just hope it's better than these promos.

I love the cast of Modern Family, but why didn't they bring Sofia Vergara with them to Jimmy Kimmel Live?


... Please watch Lone Star. I'm begging you. I mean, just look at James Wolk.

... How great is's Vulture blog for making this map of the grounds of Glee's McKinley High School?

... Boardwalk Empire could be the next Sopranos for HBO, thanks to Steve Buscemi's all-around awesomeness.

... Look! An interview with No Ordinary Family's Michael Chiklis!

... Community is doing a Twittersode right before the Season 2 premiere on Thursday, whatever that means.

... AMC is killin' it with these advertisements for The Walking Dead. Pun intended.

... Props to Cougar Town for having a half-and-half writers' room.

... There's going to be a Napster thing for television? Great.

... What's better than a compilation of Oprah's blood-curdling cries? That compilation, auto-tuned.

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Sep 22, 2010
Bet Snooki's had lotsa practice with that fist pump...Lonestar was not so great. But I do admit that James Wolk will have a fine career ahead...
Sep 22, 2010
I am so excited for The Walking Dead!! The ads look great!