Watch Sue's Reign of Dodgeball Terror in Glee's Season 3 Promo

It’s been an interesting summer for the phenomenon known as Glee. Power-mad series despot Ryan Murphy ran off at the mouth a lot, starting feuds with everyone from Kings of Leon to his own cast members, who he’d informed had been maybe-fired via a series of increasingly confusing media interviews. And then there was actor Chord Overstreet, who abandoned the series after enduring a season of humiliating “trouty mouth” jokes, only to not be promoted to series regular. And who could forget that 3D concert movie fiasco, a box office flop that seemed to validate everything Sue Sylvester was arguinging in its “funny” promos–that no one wants to pay to see the cast of Glee singing when they were already giving the autotuned milk away for free.

Oh, and then there was Oxygen reality show The Glee Project, in which the contestants succumbed to their most savage impulses, Lord of the Flies-style, cannibalizing one another during a group performance of “Teenage Dream” gone horribly, horribly wrong.

It’s easy to forget in all of this misery and mayhem that underneath it all beats the big heart of an actual show. A show that has brought pleasure to millions. A show that just wants to be loved for who it is, warts and shnozes and Gwyneth Paltrows and all. And as this teaser reminds us, Glee will soon be back with us, whether we like it or not–like a dodge ball whipped at the gangliest and most defenseless person in your class, with full force, directly at his terrified face.

Welcome back, Glee.

Glee returns for season 3 September 20 on Fox.

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