Watch the Dexter Season 5 Trailer

So. Pumped.

January Jones is very pretty, but "pretty" only wins beer pong tournaments at frat houses. This is Late Night.


... Matt LeBlanc is really excited to make fun of Joey Tribbianni on his new show.

... Catch up on the first three seasons of Mad Men in five minutes.

... And then see what lil' Sally Draper, a.k.a. Kiernan Shipka, has to say about Season 4.

... Mad Men's language is quite intriguing, no? Here's a dictionary of terms and symbols and an article about that snappy dialogue.

... What's the deal with James Franco?

... We're going to be hearing a lot of the Hawaii Five-0 theme song from now on.

... Since we apparently weren't cool enough to get into the Glee Comic-Con panel yesterday, here's what E!'s Kristin Dos Santos had to say about it.

... Josh Jackson had a hard time getting in to Comic Con. But at least he made the most of being stuck outside!

... Amanda Bynes has un-retired from acting.

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