Watch the (Edited) Season 2 Premiere of Episodes Now (VIDEO)

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How would you like to watch a show about a show that's an adaptation of another show, all on your computer for maximum meta-ness? Showtime's comedy Episodes doesn't return for Season 2 until July 1, but the pay-cable network wants you to watch it now online for free so that you will fall in love with Matt LeBlanc all over again and buy a subscription to the network.

In case you missed it the first time around, Episodes follows a British couple as they adapt their hit U.K. comedy into a trope-y disaster with laugh tracks for American television, with Friends star Matt LeBlanc starring as a Joey-fied version of himself. It's been a while since the show was on the air (Season 1 ended in February 2011), so you're excused if you can't recall everything that happened, but don't forget that Episodes got a lot better after its slow start. The new episode below is edited for public internet consumption, so if you want to see the black boxes around boobies removed, there's a Showtime operator waiting for you to call.

Episodes is a pretty funny look at this industry we all obsess over. "I've got to say this about Americans... there's a lot of them," British producer Sean says when the ratings for their show come in. Yeah, America!

Season 2 of Episodes debuts July 1 at 10:30pm right after the Season 8 premiere of Weeds.

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