Watch the (Faux) Arrested Development Action Movie Trailer

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This made my week.

Even Betty White wants LeBron James to stay in Cleveland!

Can you believe Big Brother debuted 10 years ago? Here's Part 1 of the very first episode.


...Entourage's Adrien Grenier talked to Popeater about what the heck Eminem will be doing on the show later this season.

... BuddyTV Mad Men'd the cast of Jersey Shore. I cannot tell you how pissed I am that I didn't think of that first.

... Speaking of Mad Men-ing yourself, JibJab took the '60s avatar thing one step further: Now you can insert a photo of yourself into this footage from the show. In other words, simulated screen time with Jon Hamm. Hubba hubba!

... Here is Party Down series creator Rob Thomas's view on the show's cancellation.

... And here is series star Lizzy Caplan's take on the same situation.

... Jon Gosselin is writing a memoir. PLEASE GO AWAY.

... Here's what Katie Holmes looks like as Jackie Kennedy. (She's starring in the forthcoming History Channel series The Kennedys.)

... Brian Williams didn't know that yesterday was a holiday.

... Comic-Con thinks that you need to be watching these non-sci-fi shows—and we do, too!

... And here's a little Q&A; with Howie Mandel, America's Got Talent's newest judge.

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