Watch the First 20 Minutes of Grimm and the Opening of Chuck's Season 5 Premiere (VIDEO)

We're only days away from network television's Primetime Fairy Tale Super Smackdown, with two fantastical shows based on children's bedside stories premiering over the next seven days. ABC's Once Upon a Time (from a couple Lost writers, as the commercials will not let you forget) begins this Sunday, and NBC's Grimm debuts a week from today.

Once Upon a Time's head start hasn't gone unnoticed at NBC; the network has posted the first twenty minutes of Grimm online in hopes that it will catch your eye first. And if twenty minutes isn't enough for you, you can follow Grimm on Twitter (@NBCGrimm) to get a special code to watch the entire pilot. Of course, you are expected to Tweet nothin' but sweet praise in return.

As a bonus, NBC has added the first few minutes of Chuck's Season 5 premiere, which also debuts next Friday. Watch about five minutes of it at the end of the video above.

Which new fairy tale show are you more excited about, Grimm or Once Upon a Time?

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