The 2012 Fall Television Season officially unofficially began last night when NBC sneak-peeked its new comedy Go On to go with its coverage of the Olympic Games from jolly ole Engle-land. If you missed it, don't worry! You're not totally boned! NBC has released the pilot online and we've embedded it below so you don't have to go anywhere to watch it.

Go On stars Matthew Perry (Ben Donovan Chandler's back!) as a sports radio chatterbox that is forced into group therapy after his wife suddenly dies. There he meets a wacky group of characters all dealing with their own loss. It's actually pretty good, and is unique in that it couples comedy with some touchy-feeliness for a rollercoaster of emotions. Plus it has Brett Gelman (Eagleheart) playing a weirdo, which is always funny.

What did you think? Can Matthew Perry carry a sitcom? Is it too touching for your taste? Is there humor in loss?

Go On officially premieres September 11 at 9pm.