Watch the First Episode of Showtime's The Big C

Laura Linney is just so awesome.

I cannot get over the shirt that Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick is wearing in this interview.

Yay! More behind-the-scenes inside-the-closets Mad Men footage!

Paul Rudd is swoon-worthy, even with this awful beard.

Jimmy Kimmel has a major bro-crush on Matthew Fox. Ben Affleck better watch out.

If you can ignore the distracting Black Eyed Peas soundtrack, this fan video for Bones' Jack Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) is actually pretty awesome.

Ever wonder how the NBC peacock came to be?


... This is what New York Magazine wants to happen during Jersey Shore's second season.

... Shark Week has changed the face of television... forever. (Did that sound epic? I wanted it to sound epic.)

... This fantastic blogger came up with a recipe for the gruyere apple pie from Pushing Daisies!

... Parenthood is being really lazy with all the Berkeley references. (And I oughtta know.)

... Hey, check out how great Drew Carey looks now!

... These shows have been really depressing to watch this summer.

... Tim Kring, the creator of Heroes, is writing a book. io9 thinks you should read it.

... Last night, Stephen Colbert and Bravo exec Andy Cohen reenacted Kelly and Bethenny's Real Housewivess fight, and it was brilliant.

... Here's what Jon Stewart had to say about all the Obama-View backlash.

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That Hodgins video was amazing!!
WRONG COUNTRY!!!WRONG COUNTRY!!! Iam so tired of seeing thos f****ng messages. I really wanted to watch the first episode of "The Big C", Laura Linney is always a pleausre to watch.
Thanks, bmill! All better now.
the link for "these shows" below the drew carey link is linked to the same drew carey article
Laura Linney is so fantabulous.

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