Watch the First Minute of Revolution's Return Now! (VIDEO)

The last time we saw Revolution's Charlie, Miles, Aaron, Rachel, and Nora (oh, and Danny!), they had just escaped Sebastian Monroe's super-secure facility and were on their way to freedom when all of a sudden a helicopter that'd been powered up with a magic pendant cleared the horizon and was about to unleash hell upon them. They're goners, right? Yep, they're dead.

NBC has released the first minute of the drama's return, due on March 25 (right after the Season 4 premiere of The Voice!), so let's see these guys get totally annihilated.

Wow, they escaped! Thank the lord they got out of that wide-open field pretty fast! But was stopping for a bite to eat while they were under attack really such a good idea? Because it looks like the special of the day was an extra-large serving of missiles. Okay, now they're dead, right?

Revolution returns March 25 at 10pm on NBC.

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