Watch the First Trailer for HBO's The Newsroom (VIDEO)

One upcoming show that's really caught my ear is HBO's The Newsroom, a drama about a 24-hour cable news network from The Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin. The likes of CNN and Fox News have devolved into partisan name-calling and videos of water-skiing squirrels, so what better way to expose the industry's shortcomings than with Sorkin's trademark long-winded monologues and walk-and-talks?

HBO has finally released a trailer for the series, which as of today also has an official premiere date: June 24. Details of the series have been kept quiet, so this trailer does a whole lot more than just show us what Olivia Munn looks like in a "real" job. Jeff Daniels plays a fed-up lead anchor for a fictional news network, and here we see him lose it on a college-campus tour.

With its control rooms, headsets, and fiery behind-the-camera drama, The Newsroom looks an awful lot like one of Sorkin's previous works, the good but short-lived SportsNight. That's a good thing.

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