Watch the First True Blood Season 3 Trailer

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Here it is: The first (of probably many) True Blood Season 3 trailers.

The best Daily Show interviews happen when Jon Stewart is already friends with his guest. Who knew he was buddy-buddy with Sex and the City 2 mastermind Michael Patrick King?


... Here's a list of Heidi and Spencer's most precious batshit craziest moments. Notice the use of the superlative there. This is not a never-ending list.

... Man, George Costanza was a fashion maverick.

... In case you're looking to become one of those people who reads Playboy "just for the articles," here's a good one about the late-night wars.

... NBC's latest plea for popularity? Some sort of social media rewards program.

... According to TV Without Pity, all of J.J. Abrams' other shows foreshadowed what's been going down on Lost.

... This Lady Gaga-covering, Justin Bieber hair-wearing tween kid is winning over the hearts of Americans, left and right.

... Hey, look! Comedian Patton Oswalt made some Firefly comics.

... These new True Blood comics are just as raunchy as the show. Nice.

... Even though Supernatural's Winchester brothers deal with daunting things like Lucifer and the Apocalypse, they always leave room for a laugh or two.

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