Watch the Full Pilot of HBO's New Comedy Girls (VIDEO)

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Perhaps you walked into the office today to a chorus of 20-something girls discussing their weekends and exclaiming "OMG! That's so Hannah!" only to be left wondering what happened to "That's so Carrie!" Well, let us explain. Last night marked the debut of HBO's young-women-in-New-York comedy Girls, a new series from movie-festival darling Lena Dunham, who made waves with the indie short film Tiny Furniture.

Girls sticks incredibly close to the formula of Tiny Furniture, following a group of women a few years out of the dorms who are trying to make it in New York City. At the center is Hannah (Lena Dunham), a self-deprecating, Woody-Allen-if-he-was-a-girl-in-her-mid-20s type who gets her financial cord cut by her parents.

Many critics have gushed over the series, but Girls has also found a very vocal backlash (count me in among that cacophony) as it portrays a privileged generation dealing with being born into excess but plopped into the realities of a collapsing economy. To that end, it's a very honest show and one of the first to accurately portray this pivotal generation. This is a love it or hate it show, and I'm very curious to hear what you think. Note: There's some NSFW stuff in here, so probably not a good idea to watch it in class or in the middle of a cubicle farm.

Where do you stand on Girls?

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