Watch the Homeland, The Secret Circle, and New Girl Premieres Early (And For Free!)

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You've seen our fall pilot preview (you HAVE seen it, haven't you!?!?), and can't wait to get started checking out all the new fall shows. The only problem is that TV networks have this thing called a schedule, and it doesn't include making every new show available NOW.

Well, problem solved! Well, three of those problems, anyway. A trio of networks are making new shows available early in hopes that you'll watch them, then Tweet and Facebook and MySpace and smoke signal good things. And the best part: They're all free!

New Girl (FOX) (Link will take you to iTunes)
First up is Fox, which first released the pilot for New Girl on iTunes last week. New Girl stars Zooey Deschanel as a cute/annoying (choose one) chick who just broke up with her boyfriend and also who sings a lot.

The Secret Circle (The CW) (Link will take you to iTunes)
The CW is also using iTunes to get the word out about its anticipated The Secret Circle. The show will air right after The Vampire Diaries on Thursday nights, which is appropriate because it's basically the same show but with more witches. Plus it stars Britt Robertson (Life Unexpected), and she's pretty rad.

Homeland (Showtime) (Video is embedded below)
And finally, here's a show I think I might actually like. Showtime has been making a name for itself as the premiere destination for big-name actresses to star in their own dramedies, but Homeland is giving a well-known actress a shot at helming a gritty conspiracy-theory-anti-terrorism-edy! Claire Danes plays an FBI agent who suspects that a recently returned P.O.W. (the always wonderful Damian Lewis) might be a sleeper agent for the bad guys. If you have to ask who the bad guys are, then you are also a suspect.

No need to open up iTunes for this one, you can watch it right here:

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of these sweet deals now and let us know what you think of the shows in the comments.

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