Watch the House Season 7 Teaser Video


This Daily Show clip is like living in a Jo(h)n-filled dream.

Not even Jimmy Kimmel can resist Nathan Fillion's magnetic charm.

You can now audition for American Idol on MySpace! Here's the low-down from Ryan Seacrest.

The Office's Angela Kinsey went on Yo Gabba Gabba!

CBS man-candy Alex O'Loughlin had a bit to say to E! about his new show, Hawaii Five-0.

Usher is just so cool.


... What is up with all the plus-size programming coming to TV this fall?

... Here are some photos from Sarah Palin's upcoming show, Sarah Palin's Alaska.

... And here are some more shots from the Grey's Anatomy wedding!

... Uh, gross. These reality stars are really dragging out their fifteen minutes of fame too long.

... Jamie Oliver and his wife just had a baby!

... The Big Bang Theory stars are earning the big bucks now.

... Maybe Jennifer Lopez won't be so bad as an American Idol judge.

... Ellen gave Conan a little welcome-to-the-airwaves gift.

... John Ritter's widow Amy Yasbeck is now talking about her late husband's death.

... Oh no! Big Brother contestant Britney Haynes' house has burned down. Think happy thoughts for her.

... Keri Russell stripped down for Esquire to promote Running Wilde.

... ABC's new show My Generation now has an iPad app. Neat.

... You don't need to know about football in order to watch The League.

... Hota Kotb really likes Flo Rida.

... This is a list of the best sci-fi and fantasy cliffhangers in television history.

... No one wants The Twilight Zone to come back more than this guy.

... This is what Jon Hamm had to say about those pesky Superman rumors.

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