Watch the Latest Trailer for HBO's Treme

This is how The Wire creator David Simon does a show about music. (P.S., look, it's Bunk!)


... HBO is gettin' all generous. Here's the first episode of The Pacific, which premiered on Sunday.

... This one is meant only for Tim Surette the nerdiest of the Lost fans: Michael Emerson's notes on last week's Ben Linus episode.

... TV show writers, listen up. This is what needs to happen on all the shows returning this spring and summer. Okay, as you were.

... SNL alum Cheri Oteri looks awful in this picture, but she's really funny and she's returning to TV, so that's cool.

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Mar 16, 2010
I noticed that Bones wasn't on that list but I don't think the writers need encouragement anyway. The spoilers we've received so far look extremely promising.

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