Watch the Lost Season 6 Blooper Reel

More outtakes, please!

FX's new show Terriers seems like it's about dogs, and looks like it's about cops, but who knows?

I always wanted to know how Lady Gaga would deal with an Office job.

Is Phil Keoghan going to host the Australian spinoff of The Amazing Race? It kinda seems like it.

This is what happens when ordinary people read Amanda Bynes' tweets.


... Here is yet another reason to love Parks and Recreation's Aubrey Plaza.

... Hey, cool! The people at BBQ Pitmasters let the Gawker TV team judge some pork. We are jealous.

... It's official: Ronnie from Jersey Shore got arrested. Here's hoping they have tanning booths in jail for all these guidiots.

... Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka are expecting twins in the fall via a surrogate! Cute!

... Here's a list of some of this year's Emmy presenters.

... Hilary Duff is officially off the market.

... Community creator Dan Harmon told New York Magazine all sorts of cool stuff about Season 2.

... Saturday Night Live-Mad Men power couple Fred Armisen and Elisabeth Moss have reportedly separated. I was rooting for those two!

... Look! It's a picture of Ricky Gervais and Larry David together on the set of Curb Your Enthusiasm!

... And here's a snapshot of a scene from the new Law and Order: Los Angeles.

... Apparently TV hates Texas—and Texas is peeved.

... Last night during the David Hasselhoff roast, a couple comedians (like Seth MacFarlane and Lisa Lampanelli) may have gone a bit too far. What do you think?

... Take a look at this new concept art for the forthcoming animated Wizard of Oz sequel. Then imagine Glee's Lea Michele singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." If you didn't smile, you have a cold heart.

... Katie Holmes takes fashion advice from four-year-old Suri, in case you were wondering.

... And here is a nice interview with Lie to Me's executive producer, Shawn Ryan.

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