Watch the New How to Make It in America Trailer

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I'm not going to pretend to know the first thing about HBO's How to Make It in America. Which means it might be a totally awesome show that I have entirely missed the boat (Staten Island Ferry?) on! On the other hand, it might be an unbearable, East Coast-icized version of Entourage, from the producers of Entourage, that has managed to produce zero buzz or critical accolades and yet still managed to somehow score a second season. I really don't know! All I have to go on is this trailer for Season Two, in which the whole gang is back for "more of the same antics," The Hollywood Reporter writes, in this "half-hour comedy."

Okay! So now we're getting somewhere. It's a comedy. But then why does it look like a rejected Tommy Hilfiger campaign for a men's cologne called "Sidewalk?" Again, you're asking the wrong guy. To its credit, however, it does succeed in making me hate my former home, NYC, as much as Entourage makes me hate my current home, LA. Aw, who am I kidding. LA is way worse. Coming this fall, everyone! Fill up your Metrocards and be there.

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