Watch the New Trailer for Magic City, Starz's '60s Period Drama (VIDEO)

With The Playboy Club dead on arrival and Pan Am running low on fuel, only Starz’s upcoming Magic City is left to prove there’s an audience for a 1960s-set drama that isn’t Mad Men. Now here’s a preview of the series, set to premiere in spring 2012. On the surface, Magic City seems to share more than a few characteristics with the cult AMC hit: Sexy industry (hotels), sexy city (Miami), sexy leading man (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), sexy wife (Quantum of Solace star Olga Kurylenko), sexy music (Louis Prima’s “I’ve Got the World on a String”). Basically there’s a whole lot of sexy going on.

And an angry mobster (Danny Huston), too! Really angry! He’s breaking dishes poolside and stuff. It’s probably a good thing for Morgan that the show is still months away from premiering, so as to distance himself from other, failed Don-nabes. But that will put Magic City in direct competition with Mad Men’s fifth season. Ultimately, it will all come down to the writing. Series creator Mitch Glazer—who has shared screenwriting credits on movies like 1988’s Scrooged and 2003’s The Recruit—wrote all nine episodes, which reportedly pull heavily from his own childhood. We shall see.

What say you? Does Magic City look magical?

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