Watch the Nurse Jackie, The Borgias, and The Big C Premieres Online Now (VIDEO)

To remove blurry boxes, pay for Showtime like everyone else.

The best things in life are free, Janet Jackson once sang, but I think she was specifically referring to when premium networks offer their TV shows to us peasants at no charge. Showtime is proving that true, posting the season premieres of three of its spring shows in advance of their debuts on April 8.

All you have to do is brave the internet and head to Showtime's website or YouTube, or just stay right here to see the Season 2 premiere of drama The Borgias, the Season 4 premiere of dramedy Nurse Jackie, and/or the Season 3 premiere of dark comedy The Big C.

The Borgias – Season 2 Premiere

The Big C – Season 3 Premiere

Nurse Jackie – Season 4 Premiere

Of these three shows, whose return are you looking forward to most?

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As a comedy, NJ is one of the MOST unfunny shows on TV!!
The Big C. It's the only show I watch, so not a difficult choice. If the language and nudity in this free episode is censored, I'll wait until they air the proper version.
The Big C, but I think I will wait for it to air.
Borgias. I hope the assassin gets more play this season. That guy freaks me out. And of course, Nurse Jackie.

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