Watch the Opening for Community's Law & Order Episode (VIDEO)

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Crime is coming to Greendale Community College, and only an arrogant lawyer, a bookworm, a Jesus freak, a movie buff, and the Disco Spider can solve it. This week's episode of Community, "Basic Lupine Urology," will serve as the comedy's take on crime procedurals, particularly the venerable Law & Order. The episode's title refers to Dick Wolf, who created the Law & Order franchise.

NBC has just released a clip from the episode, which includes the new opening credits done completely in the style of Law & Order. Put your homework aside and watch it... NOW!

It looks as though the gang will be investigating the murder of...a YAM! The root veggie-turned-victim was part of a science experiment in Kane's biology class, but someone destroyed it. Hopefully the yam isn't the character Joel McHale was referring to when he said a character would be dying this season.

One of Community's best tricks is the way it accurately rips off mimics the things it pays homage to, and this clip is one Sam Waterson away from looking exactly like Law & Order. How great were those credits? Community never takes shortcuts, and that's just one of the many reasons why we love it.

Community's "Basic Lupine Urology" airs this Thursday at 8pm on NBC.

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