Watch the Pilot of Animal Practice Now (VIDEO)

MONKEY MONKEY MONKEY! NBC is betting that a monkey in a doctor's coat can pass as comedy in its upcoming new series Animal Practice. The network previewed the pilot episode last night right in the middle of its coverage of the Olympics closing ceremonies (??? No Kate Bush???), but if you happened to be watching the thrilling ending of Breaking Bad on loop or witnessing Falling Skies botch another episode or being surprised that True Blood can still be tolerable, we have the Animal Practice pilot right here.

Animal Practice stars Justin Kirk (Weeds) as the chief veterinarian at the country's largest animal hospital. He's been described as the Dr. House of the pet world, a cranky scalpel genius who loves animals but can't stand their owners. Tyler Labine, Bobby Lee, and Joanna Garcia-Swisher co-star, but all the talk is about Crystal the monkey, who you'll recognize as Annie's Boobs from Community.

The pilot is a bit sloppy and some of the gags are cheap, but come on guys, MONKEY ON AN AMBULANCE! This is one of those shows where we'll have to wait to see a handful of episodes before making a decision, because the pilot is all about the lowest common denominator instead of what it could be. Animal Practice got a unique setting going for it, now it just needs to stop throwing poop.

Animal Practice isn't the only show NBC has aired early; don't forget to also take a look-see at the first episode of the Matthew Perry comedy Go On.

Animal Practice returns to NBC for its "time period premiere" on September 26 at 8pm.

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