Watch the Premiere of Showtime's Ray Donovan Now, for Free! (VIDEO)

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If you've ever wanted to pull off an elaborate con to trick a friend into thinking you can afford Showtime, now's a good day to give it a shot. Showtime has posted the premiere episode of its new drama Ray Donovan, "The Bag or the Bat," online for free, so even penny-pinchers like you and me can feel special. I've even saved you a step and embedded the video below! 

So what is this Ray Donovan show anyway? Liev Schreiber stars as Ray, a problem solver for Hollywood's elite. Wake up next to a dead lady who overdosed on coke? No problem! Accidentally pick up a tranny hooker when your macho image is on the line? Piece o' cake! Ray takes care of all those mixups. Elliot Gould, Jon Voight, and Paula Malcolmson also star. 

Well, this show doesn't look like it will be non-stop happy times, does it? And thank you Showtime, for soliciting subscriptions with that "See what you're missing!" pop-up when blurred boobs appear on the screen! 

Ray Donovan premieres Sunday, June 30 at 10pm on Showtime, right after the
Season 8 premiere of Dexter

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