Watch the Season 5 Teaser for Friday Night Lights

I love this video... but where is Landry?

In this new promo, Conan channels his inner scantily-clad woman while washing his desk.

Last night, Jon Stewart had something to say about Rick Sanchez.

And so did David Letterman.

In case you missed it, here's Kanye West's performance from Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

Here's what a few of the Glee men think about a possible *NSYNC episode.

If Lauren Graham is interviewed on television, I will post it. You should know that by now.

Same goes for Will Arnett.


... The Fug Girls made this awesome list of the best and worst-dressed characters on TV.

... The Hollywood Reporter snagged an interview with Mad Men's Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss.

... Props to CBS for taking scheduling risks this TV season, but why are they so proud of having a wealthy audience?

... Conan has a blimp!

... Randy Jackson thinks he's the new Simon.

... Here's a list of the fall's most-DVR'd new shows.

... You better watch Running Wilde, otherwise there won't be an Arrested Development movie.

... said what's on all of our minds.

... These characters should have their own iPhone apps.

... io9 got to visit the set of Caprica. Jealous!

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