Watch the Stargate Universe Season 2 Trailer

Warning: Gross creature in the first ten seconds.

A dude named Daniel Kanemoto made this title sequence for The Walking Dead—and it hasn't even aired yet!

I can't wait to watch Brittany dance on tomorrow's Glee!

I'm thinking that this Jimmy Kimmel-sanctioned Sesame Street parody of Jersey Shore may have gone a little too far. Though "Snooki Monster" is a good Halloween costume idea.

Jimmy Fallon, ?uestlove, Amy Poehler, and Rashida Jones all showed each other a lot of love on Friday night.

The Futon Critic spoke to Lone Star's Adrianne Palicki! Jealous.


... knows how tough these next few months are going to be without Parks and Recreation, so they're going to be offering exclusive Pawnee-centric content on their site. Genius. First up: a "Becoming Ron Swanson" photo gallery.

... Ten-year-old Kiernan Shipka (Mad Men's Sally Draper) sure knows how to handle herself with the press.

... This is what it would be like if Justin Bieber took over television.

... Did Stephen Colbert go too far with his Congress "performance" last week?

... Bones' Emily Deschanel got hitched over the weekend to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia writer David Hornsby. They will have attractive, witty children.

... Lone Star creator Kyle Killen interviewed himself in another attempt to save his awesome show.

... The NYT's Alessandra Stanley would like to know what was up with all the stunt casting in last week's season premieres?

... Make your house look a little more like Dexter Morgan's. If you're into serial killer chic, that is.

... Speaking of Dexter, here's an interview with Michael C. Hall.

... Voting is still open for TV Done Wright's Best Sitcom bracket. Go ahead, I dare you to choose between Arrested Development and Seinfeld.

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Hubby & I have completely lost interest in SGU - which is a shame, becuase we were so excited about it,when it first came out.

Can't wait to see Brittnay, gleeked! I'm sure they'll do a great job!
Congratulations to the newlyweds!
plz somebody cancell SGU..
omg can't wait for Stargate. WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO
Congrats to Emily Deschanel and David Hornsby!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stephen Colbert went way too far. And congrats for Emily!

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