Watch the State of the Union Address Online (VIDEO)

You may have noticed that there isn't a ton of new TV on tonight. The reason is simple: It's time for the annual State of the Union Address. President Obama is scheduled speak beginning at 9pm Eastern, and the address will air live on all the major broadcast networks (not including The CW, which is airing reruns) as well as CNN, MSNBC, and more. It'll also be available to stream live online (well, unless Anonymous makes good on its threat to hack the event) via the official White House YouTube embed below.

You can also find live streams at the following sites, among others:




YouTube Politics

Enjoy your evening full of politics—be they of the United States, Harlan County, or A Team varieties—and rest assured that tomorrow's TV schedule will return to normal, with the season premiere of Survivor, new episodes of Arrow and Supernatural, and more.

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Can I go back and watch the Grammy's instead? All of a sudden, it's not looking so bad.
wish they would, until then not watching it...
Misread this and thought fellow commenter Anonymous_A was up to some sort of shenanigans. Bummer, would have made things less-boring. (For the record, I would've joined your revolt, dude/tte.)

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