Watch the Trailer for 21 Jump Street: The Major Motion Picture (VIDEO)

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The intensity of your revulsion to this trailer for 21 Jump Street: The Motion Picture, Starring Skinny Jonah Hill and Chubby Channing Tatum will probably be directly proportional to how strongly you feel about 21 Jump Street: The Fox TV Show That Sent Johnny Depp and Richard Grieco on Their Wildly Divergent Career Paths. If you are like me, a former kid from Canada who didn’t have access to the new Fox network and all the TV delights it provided, you probably aren’t all that emotionally attached to the latter, and are willing to accept this wildly bastardized big-screen version on its own merits. But if you are a huge 21 Jump Street fan, well, prepare to be outraged.

What was once an ensemble cop show is now a buddy comedy starring two unlikely, but likable, movie stars. This movie, based on what we see in the trailer, suffers from 21st Century Hollywood Comedy Syndrome—meaning little-to-no effort is put into developing character or situations. Rather, the humor revolves around dudes being dudes in close proximity to other dudes, brah. MGM, the low-rent studio responsible for this release, has issued a red-band trailer that spends the entirety of its R-rated allowance on swear words (LOTS of swear words—sensitive souls, take note). Where are the boobies? Where is the graphic violence? Also, did this movie cost $4.75 to make?

So basically, I’ll watch this on Cinemax at 4am some night. Why not?

For the purists among you, here's a clip of the REAL 21 Jump Street, in which Peter DeLuise tries to teach Johnny Depp how to blend into a violent gang. It's actually a lot more entertaining than the movie trailer.

Were you a fan the original 21 Jump Street? Will you go see the movie?

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