Watch the Trailer for Chuck's Final Season (VIDEO)

Hey you! Put down that footlong Oven Crisp Chicken sandwich from Subway (mmmm...) and check this out! The final season of Chuck starts October 21, and to get you pumped to start the next "Save the Show" campaign for the spy series, NBC has released a new trailer.

It looks like the accidental superspy is still up to his old tricks, but now he's got to deal with his good buddy Morgan having the Intersect uploaded to his brain.

What are you hoping for from the final season of Chuck? And no, you cannot say "more Chuck." Oh, alright, go ahead and say it, Chuckies, but only because you guys are some of the best crazy fans out there.

Chuck returns for its fifth and final season on October 21 (that's a Friday!) on NBC.

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