Watch the Trailer for Showtime's Episodes

Matt LeBlanc, it's good to have you back.

Tonight's Glee features mini versions of all the characters. In other words, kids.

Sarah Palin's Alaska contained some choice vocabulary, doncha think?


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... It turns out that PBS edited part of Tina Fey's acceptance speech for the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

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... And here's a sneak peek at A&E;'s new reality show, Strange Days with Bob Saget.

... Which URST-filled cop show did its X-Files homage better: Bones or Castle?

... Last night on The Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson explained the anatomy of a Dalek to get everyone amped for tonight's Doctor Who-themed episode.

... Gawker put together this photo essay about the different levels of sexiness in Glee's various photoshoots.

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... Watch an extended version of How I Met Your Mother's "Two Beavers" music video.

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Nov 16, 2010
I really cant wait for episodes now!
Nov 16, 2010
Re: Episodes - Can't wait! And DAMN! How hot is Matt LeBlanc with the George Clooney hair?! Really looking forward to this!