Watch the Trailer for Syfy's Sharknado, Which Is About a Tornado Full of Sharks (VIDEO)

This is an actual promotional still from Sharknado.


Open on a bland meeting room full of nervous Syfy executives seated around a long corporate table. Sitting at the head of the table is the SYFY CEO, and he's angry. Behind him, there's an easel holding a graph showing social media interest in recent Syfy Original Movies. A quick look at the descending data indicates that it's been a bad year.


Listen team, we've combined a man and a mosquito, a dinosaur
and a crocodile, a piranha and an anaconda, and a whole bunch
of other animals with other animals. But we're being myopic! 

The yes-men execs nod their heads in agreement, murmuring approval. The CEO stands up and paces the room, focusing his attention on one particularly shaky executive.


Do you even know what "myopic" means, Johnson?


Ummmm... it means "good"? 

The CEO waits a few beats, like a cat toying with an injured mouse. Then he leans in close, so he's nose-to-nose with Johnson. A bead of sweat drips down the bridge of Johnson's nose, touching his boss's. The CEO doesn't even flinch.


It means narrow-sighted, Johnson. Pack your shit. You're fired. 

Johnson begins crying and hurries out of the room sobbing. The CEO's stare nearly pushes him out of the room. Everyone else around the table holds their breath. The CEO stands up and starts pacing back and forth.


If we're going to dominate the market in trashy low-budget movies,
we need to be less myopic. And if you all don't want to end up like
Johnson, then you're going to have to come up with some fresh
new ideas. 

One executive COUGHS, and cockily throws his feet on the table. 


I got what you need, sir. Everyone is scared of sharks, right?
But you know what else people are afraid of? Tornadoes. 

The cocky executive scoots out his chair and stands up putting both hands on the table. 

(calm and collected)


The CEO's eyes go wide.


Get this man a raise and a corner office.

Here's the trailer:

Starring Tara Reid, obviously.

(Poll updated thanks to wonderful suggestions from Mike_Schmidt, CaitlinRice, and dh4645)

Sharknado airs Thursday, July 11 at 9pm on Syfy. 

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