Watch the Trailers for NBC's New Series, Including Dracula and The Blacklist (VIDEO)

Maybe I'm easily amused, but the most exciting time of the television year to me is checking out the trailers for new network shows. Some will impress, most will disappoint, and a select few will be so obviously terrible that they may as well be canceled right now. NBC has posted trailers for five of its new shows, including its big drama The Blacklist and the returns of Michael J. Fox and Sean Hayes. Stop whatever you're doing and check out the trailers below, then let everyone know what you thought of it in the polls because we're running a democracy here.

The Blacklist - Mondays at 10pm

James Spader stars as the ocuntry's most-wanted man who suddenly turns himself in and agrees to give up a ton of bad guys... but only if he's allowed to work with the FBI's new attractive profiler!

The Michael J. Fox Show - Thursdays at 9:30pm

Michael J. Fox plays a guy named Michael Henry in a show called The Michael J. Fox Show... and he has Parkinson's!

Dracula - Fridays at 10pm

Jonathan Rhys Meyers chomps on some ladies in this period piece... and he's a vampire!

Ironside - Wednesdays at 10pm

Blair Underwood is one of the city's toughest cops... and he's in a wheelchair! 

Sean Saves the World

Sean Hayes returns to NBC Thursdays as a single dad... and he is gay!

Welcome to the Family - Thursdays at 8:30pm

Two families get thrown together when their kids choose to marry after an unwanted pregnancy... and one family is white and the other is Hispanic!

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