Watch Tina Fey Talk About Interest Rates... in a Velvet Vest

... Before Tina Fey was Liz Lemon and Sarah Palin, she was selling insurance. And wearing quite possibly the most unflattering vest and hairdo of all time..

... Last night, Jon Stewart hilariously scolded the media for hounding Chelsea Clinton and her wedding.


... Anthony Bourdain shares his thoughts on veganism.

... Lady Gaga got nominated for nearly every category at the VMAs. Does this mean the end of her career?

... Here are some suggestions for Idol after Ellen.

... According to Gawker, Oprah is likely headed into a season of slow camera work and long embraces.

... Who's riveted? Danielle Staub is leaving Jersey and moving to become a Real Housewife of New York?

... Shark yourself just like you Mad Men’d yourself.

... We’re not the only ones still watching Entourage!

... The Cos has his own app. Who knew?

... Seth Green and Matthew Senreich talked to io9 about their new Star Wars series.

... And finally, here's an intriguing, in-depth look at Treme.

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Your clip is about a different story. I clicked from there to see the wedding story clip.
jon stewarts awesome, you must be replubican. only republicans hate jon stewart.
Hate Jon Stewart so much.
Treme has certainly not disappointed so far.

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