Watch Trailers for TNT and TBS's New Series, Including The Librarians, Transporter, Angie Tribeca, and More (VIDEO)

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Whenever I make a really bad joke, I like to punch it up at the end by yelling, "Boom!" It always makes me feel better, as if I'm my own one-woman self-confidence boost. I guess TNT is stealing my strategy, because it's come up with a new tagline to go with its new programming slate: "TNT Drama. Boom." Here's the network's official explanation of the new slogan:

Boom is the sound that drama makes when it hits you. Like the plot twist that sends your head spinning. The clue that leaves your jaw on the floor. The chase that makes your heart pound. The half-court shot that has you standing on your couch screaming. Boom is the reveal, the shock, the cliffhanger, and the climax. It's the moment you sit glued to the screen, fists clenched, heart racing, hair on edge. The moment it all comes together. Or all falls apart. TNT Drama. Boom. 

And in an attempt to back that up, TNT—along with its sister network TBS—has released first-look trailers for several recently announced series. Let's have a look at them shall we?


Last week, TNT announced a pair of new series, and one of them was Proof, from The Closer's Kyra Sedgwick. Starring Jennifer Beals, the series follows a surgeon (Beals) who begins investigating supernatural phenomena—including resurrections, out-of-body experiences, and hauntings—after her own near-death experience and the loss of her son. Proof will premiere in 2015.

Public Morals

Written by, produced by, and starring Ed Burns, Public Morals is set in the 1960s and follows New York City's Vice Division, which is full of police officers who walk the line between morality and criminality. Like Proof, it will premiere in 2015.

The Librarians

Also on deck is The Librariansa new series based on the network's Libraian films starring Noah Wyle. The series stars Rebecca Romijn and centers on an ancient organization whose mission is to protect the world from the secret, magical reality that's hidden all around us. Look for it to debut this fall.

Transporter: The Series

Based on Luc Besson's Transporter films and originally set up at Cinemax, Transporter: The Series stars Chris Vance as professional transporter Frank Martin. It will premiere this winter.

TNT's sister network TBS has three new comedies on the way. So while we're here, let's take a look at those, too!

Angie Tribeca

Created by The Office's Steve Carell, Angie Tribeca (working title) stars Rashida Jones in her first post-Parks and Recreation role. The single-camera comedy is a spoof on cop procedurals, and Jones plays a ten-year veteran of the LAPD who's working in the Really Heinous Crimes Unit. Her fellow officers are eccentric and competent, but they reveal way too much information about their personal lives. Look for it in 2015.


Buzzy's is a multi-camera workplace comedy from the creators of Will & Grace. It's about a group of employes at a Massachusetts barbershop. It will also premiere in 2015.

Your Family or Mine

Finally, Your Family or Mine is about a young married couple played by My Boys' Kyle Howard and 'Til Death's Kat Foster. Episodes will alternate between focusing on her family and his family, and surprise, surprise: It too will premiere in 2015!

Okay, let's hear your first impressions! Anything here look good to you? Do any of TNT's new dramas make you wanna yell "BOOM!"?

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