WBTV to Charlie Sheen: "You're Fired!"

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I don't know if you know this, but Charlie Sheen has gotten himself into a wee bit of trouble. And now that trouble is way more official. Warner Bros. TV, the production house behind CBS's mega-hit and mega-in-trouble Two and a Half Men, has pink-slipped Sheen from the show with an 11-page termination letter.

The decision hardly comes as a surprise, but the official-ness of the situation puts the future of both the show and Sheen's career in jeopardy. With Sheen almost guaranteed to be out-of-the-picture for a return to Men, the next questions are whether the show will go on at all—and if it does, who, if anybody, will replace him?

CBS has allegedly been talking to actor John Stamos about taking over the Two and a Half Men spotlight as a new character. With so much at stake and a writers' room that is as well-oiled a machine as anything else on TV, at least making an attempt at keeping Two and a Half Men on the air makes good business sense. Plus, Stamos won't command the million-dollars-plus that Charlie earned per episode.

As for what's next for Sheen, well, we'll have to see how this thing pans out. He has pretty much ruined any opportunity he had at working on a real film or TV show, but there are plenty of vultures out there who will pay good money for wacky celebrity cameos. Make no mistake, Sheen is now officially a "wacky celebrity," right up there with Gary Busey, Screech from Saved by the Bell, and Mel Gibson. Plus, there's always porn.

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