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We Are Now Taking Your Midseason Questions for the Mailbag

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Hey there, how's it going? As a collective TV-viewing society, we survived the end-of-the-year madness, only to be welcomed by so many new shows here in early 2014. With the new year and the new glut of television upon us, we wanted to put out the call for questions, theories, comments, and more for the next edition of the mailbag. (Here's the previous one, from last fall, if you need a refresher). There are a number of ways to get your queries to us: You can send 'em via email (, you can leave them here in the comments, you can tweet at me (@corybarker), or you can tweet the official account (@tvdotcom). 

Basically, if you have something burning (TV-related, of course; if you have something burning elsewhere, call your physician) that you'd like to discuss, hit me. Or, if you followed our coverage of the Television Critics Association Press Tour and have follow-up thoughts, that's fair game as well. Pretty much any topic having to do with the boob tube is on the table, from pilot development to the industry in general to ratings to— well, you get the idea. Ask away!

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