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We Are Now Taking Your Upfronts and Finale Questions for the Mailbag

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Happy Upfronts, friends! I hope you're surviving spring's annual glut of series orders, renewals, and cancellations. Personally, I'm thrilled about more Hannibal, less jazzed about Trophy Wife getting the axe. But as we all know, the TV gods giveth, and they so, so often taketh away. 

With so many things happening in the industry, as well as onscreen as we work our way through all those season finales, we figured it'd be a great time to field your questions, comments, and cool ideas for a hashtag campaign that will convince Amazon to save Super Fun Night for the next edition of the Mailbag. There are a number of ways to get your queries to us: You can send 'em via email (, you can leave them here in the comments, you can tweet at me (@corybarker), or you can tweet the official account (@tvdotcom). As always, we're open to just about anything regarding TV: specific industry Qs, complaints about a storyline on your favorite show, what have you. It's all on the table. Let's hear it, party people!

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