We Are Seriously Starting to Doubt Eddie Murphy's Oscar-Hosting Potential (VIDEO)

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With Eddie Murphy hitting the media circuit for the first time in a long time to promote his new movie, Tower Heist, conversation has naturally turned toward his upcoming hosting turn at this year’s Oscars.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight recently, Murphy said, “I think it’s so funny that people think I’m going to be perfect for this because I am going to be horrendous. One of the worst hosts that’s ever going to host this show. Think of the worst host, and I’m going to be worse. I’m going to stand there and go, ‘And now, Clint Eastwood.’ I’m going to be horrible. ‘And now Martin S–’ And I’m just going to be introducing people straight on. I’m going to wear a powder sky blue tuxedo, and then at the end of the evening, I’m going to urinate on myself.” (See artist’s rendering at right.)

And last night on the Late Show, onetime Oscar host David Letterman—who has been mining his poorly received performance for laughs since 1994—asked Murphy why he'd taken on the thankless gig. Murphy said he wanted to “try different things,” and wasn’t “dreading it... I’m looking forward to it.” But, he added, there’s no way he’ll be singing and dancing, Hugh Jackman-style:

Based on these two interviews, I still think this gig could go one of two ways. I’ve listed the reasons why below:

Eddie Will Suck:
1) He wasn’t funny in either interview.
2) Both interviews centered on what he won’t do as host.
3) He openly admitted that he's hosting as a PR stunt to get people to see Tower Heist, a Brett Ratner picture.
4) The guy responsible for THIS is suddenly too proud to carry a tune for the Oscars.

Eddie Won’t Suck:
1) Awards show musical numbers are overrated.

Well, I guess I’m leaning toward “will suck.” What do you think?

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