*We* Are the Focus of Human Planet (VIDEO)

The producers of Planet Earth and Life know a thing or two about putting themselves in harm's way in order to document the many wonders of Earth and its animal kingdom, but only now have they put their lenses on the most dangerous of subjects: MAN! Discovery and BBC have teamed up once again for another landmark series, but instead of filming weird insects with balloon eyes or frogs that roll down hills, the focus this time around will be on our bipedal brethren and their will to survive in the harshest of climates.

The series has already aired in the UK, and will premiere in the US beginning on April 10. Whereas the UK version was an eight-episode series, the domestic version has been condensed into six episodes and will air over three Sunday evenings with two episodes per night.

I'm very pro-animal when it comes to nature docs, but even though Human Planet won't spotlight fuzzy-wuzzy creatures, this looks nothing short of incredible.

Do you think a nature documentary about humans will be more or less interesting than one about animals?

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