We Just Wanted to Tell You That We're Live-Tweeting the Emmys This Weekend

UPDATE: Let the fun begin! (Note: You can also follow along in the right-hand column of our dedicated Emmys page.)

Last year, you discovered that the best part about the Emmy Awards had nothing to do with the little gold lady and everything to do with the maniacal commentary from your crazy uncle who forced you to watch it with him because he's "lonely" and "alone" (and redundant).

This year, let us be your crazy uncle.

Starting at 7:30pm Eastern/4:30pm Pacific on Sunday, the TV.com editorial staff will be LIVE TWEETING our HILARIOUSLY OBSERVANT reactions to everything that's happening on your TV.

Join us, won't you? (We'll update this post with a special widget that'll let you follow along.)

Wait! Don't leave! There's more! Lest my pseudo-self-deprecating tone threaten to scare you away, we've compiled some of our vital stats below so you can see for yourself why you'll want to trade snarky Emmy commentary with the likes of us.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to MEET. YOUR. TWEETERS.

Jen Trolio
Managing Editor
jtrolio / @tvdotcom
Though you may not recognize her byline, Jen has been sneaking around behind the scenes of TV.com for two years. When she's not nagging Tim or formatting Price's Vampire Diaries photo-recaps, you might find her camping, eating soft pretzels, or trying to keep her houseplant jungle alive. She lives in San Francisco with a physicist and two cats.
  Tim Surette
Senior Editor
TimSpot / @timattvdotcom
As the senior staff writer at TV.com, Tim gets to hate lots of television programs and no one can tell him to stop. He can't live without Breaking Bad, dislocated his shoulder while on a conference call with Olivia Wilde years ago, and once made a horrible joke to Adrianne Palicki while waiting in line for the bathroom. She laughed, though.

TheKillianaire / @ckillian
Killian still can't believe she's getting paid to write and edit stories for the internet. She takes a sick sort of pleasure in trying to outsmart HTML and often broods about the grammatical decline of the human race. She loves well-lit rooms, commercials starring dogs, and the sandy sidewalks of her neighborhood by the beach.
  Price Peterson
Staff Writer
priceiswrong / @pricepeterson
As TV.com's resident photo-recapper, Price has perfected a scheme to write about television while being only semi-literate. He enjoys live feeds (of anything), crime re-enactments, and Blue Raspberry as a flavor.

Seth Abramovitch
Staff Writer
Seth_TV / @LayinGoldBricks
Seth Abramovitch is a Los Angeles-based writer who has previously edited Defamer and Movieline. He enjoys dining at al fresco, crossword puzzles, and watching TV in bed with Cookie, his Australian Blanket Hog.
  Lily Sparks
Staff Writer
Lilyroro / @lilyroro
Lily is the rookie of the TV.com team. Like Anybodys in West Side Story or Tootie on The Facts of Life, she's full of heart and loves herself some TV, but is also probably striding into a wall because she's trying to tweet and walk simultaneously.

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