Wedding bells for Modern Family's Cam and Mitch?


One of the major news stories in the US is that the ban of gay marriage has been overturned in California -- it is now clear for Modern Family’s Cam and Mitchell to finally attain wedded bliss.

In an August 1 interview with the New York Post, Eric Stonestreet, who plays Cam, commented on the notion of a gay wedding: "There is no doubt that is going to happen.

“I don’t know how that would happen with the real-life legality... Maybe it would be a destination [wedding]. Us going somewhere that gay marriage is legal. But they have to save some of that stuff. We hope to be on the air for seven years.”

But the Californian courts have intervened, overturning the ban on same-sex marriage -- so it would seem that a cast and crew jaunt to Canada or Sweden is no longer required!

However, there is currently a stay on the issuing of Californian marriage licence for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) couples, until any appeals process is complete.

This development comes as the Glee creator, Ryan Murphy, has also appeared to criticise Modern Family for failing to show the central gay couple, who have adopted a child together, be physically affectionate.

While he didn’t comment on the show by name, Murphy said: “I hate it on TV shows, and there's one show that I won't name right now, where it's like 'Why aren't these characters kissing? Don't they have a child?' That's ridiculous to me. I don't understand it.”

On the bright side, at least there's a ton of material to still be explored in future seasons, rather than exhausting all major plot lines in the first.

In other Modern Family news, a guest star for the upcoming season has been announced.

Unlike Glee or The Simpsons, which have scattergunned celebrity appearances throughout their new seasons, the Modern Family producers have opted instead for the Broadway stalwart Nathan Lane.

Lane is said to be appearing as the character "Pepper", who will be an "ultra-flamboyant friend" of Cam and Mitchell. We imagine he’ll be channelling quite a lot of his character from The Birdcage...

All of these developments come just days after CBS was criticised for its lack of LGBT characters in its productions, and Stephen Colbert realising he must be gay if his show has appeased the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation organisation.

One thing’s for sure, the debate about the place of gay characters on television is certainly still "current".

Do you think it matters if Cam and Mitch are physically affectionate and/or married? And how do you think Nathan Lane will fit into the Modern Family world?

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Aug 06, 2010
I'd love to see them kiss but I think Cam and Mitchell are plenty affectionate. They don't need to be making out to be affectionate. And Murphy should take his preachy attitude and shove it. What? He's the Emperor of Gay now because he had a cutie story about a kid coming out on his show? Please. Could someone tell him to shut it? I'm sure his comments also have nothing to do with the fact Glee and Modern Family are in competition for an Emmy, right?