Weeds: Born Again (and Again and Again)

Weeds S08E05: “Red in Tooth and Claw”

Remember a few episodes ago when I speculated that the Botwins would be broke at some point in the season?

Yup, totally called it.

Jill has resorted to extreme couponing to compensate for the lack of funds and to keep her mind off of the disintegration of her relationship with Andy, but Stevie is the family member who suffered the most this week due to the lack of disposable income—he was rejected from the Old Sandwich soccer league because of the family’s inability to make a “sizeable contribution” to the league. That’s just how Old Sandwich rolls. They’re old-school like that, and the Botwins are, for all intents and purposes, “new money.”

So, behold Nancy’s dilemma: Stevie wanted to play soccer, but she didn’t have the money to buy him a spot on the team. She also doesn’t want to sell weed anymore because she’s a new person and all that blah blah. What to do?

Get Kiki to buy her out!

Except Kiki rejected that idea, not only refusing to buy Nancy’s half of the business, but turning in her own remaining inventory and washing her hands of the entire operation. She also slept with Demetri’s “idiot entourage” and got fabulously wine drunk to celebrate/mourn her late father’s birthday. Girl had a hard week. Nancy’s best bet might have been to back off and let her sober up and reconsider. Instead, armed with the uplifting conversation with the rabbi whose pool she’d been borrowing in the middle of the night about “tevilah,” the Jewish practice of ritual washing, and how her midnight dunks in his pool sort of reflected the practice, Nancy opted to toss her sizeable stash in a wood chipper instead.

Keep in mind, Nancy had earlier managed to talk her way into a soccer spot for Stevie, but the status quo, armed with their wealth, status, and racism (openly debating the parentage of Stevie as he kicked ass on the soccer field and finally settling on him clearly being the product of a housekeeper), were waiting for their money. I thought it might end up being Silas to the rescue with his little garden growing so well, but, well, things got awkward between him and RJ and after refusing to blow him in the name of enlightenment or adventure or whatever, RJ stole Silas’s plants. He claimed to be doing Silas a favor because Silas, in seeing the marijuana as “merchandise” and “product” rather than something deeper and beautiful, missed the point entirely and couldn’t be entrusted with something so sacred. Whatever, bro.

I’m sure Nancy will figure something out and despite her grand gesture with the weed and the wood chipper, I’m not entirely convinced that her solution will be entirely drug-free. Her new Rabbi BFF, in explaining the concept of tevilah, made one point importantly clear—it’s not a one-time deal. You can be “reborn” as many times as you need to be. Now, certainly, that detail shouldn’t be taken lightly and if Nancy decides that she wants to find a legal way to support her family in the opulent lifestyle that they are accustomed to, then she should (and will) do everything in her power to stick to that... but she certainly has some wiggle room now, right? And the idea of “doing it for the kids” is what basically got her into the business to begin with all those seasons ago.


– Shane asked Andy how “Aunt Jill” was in the sack. He’s so damaged. Then again, we knew this. This is the same kid who got caught beating off to pictures of his mom a while back. Still, evidence of Shane’s damage never stops being amusing.

– “Women can accomplish a shocking number of things while shleffing endometrial lining, Shane.” I love Angela.

– Jill banged a sleep-walking Doug. Please, PLEASE can we find something for Doug to do?

– Every time Justin Kirk goes on some sort of babbling, philosophical Andy-rant, I can’t help but think of his Angels in America character, Prior Walter. Come to think of it, Nancy 2.0 kind of reminds me a lot of Mary Louise Parker’s Harper... you know, with less hallucinating. Anyway, the man is amazing at ranting. Maybe I’ll even check out the not-sure-if-want Animal Practice in the fall if TPTB can promise me lots of delightful monologues.

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I'm really not liking this season. I've stuck with the show through its decline up to now, but this season is just awful. There is no story and it's barely funny. Weeds is on its last legs and should just call it quits.
bangin' at the roller rink, classic andy!

great and fun episode with some funny moments
We sure got a lot of 'Survivor's' Sugar in this episode. I don't think the mostly ignored but really wonderful performance that Justin Kirk gives as "Andy" - one of the most put upon brother-in-laws in the history of television - is what NBC is shooting for with "Animal Practice". Although it is just him and a monkey? I hope that Romany Malco, Elizabeth Perkins, or Allie Grant are going to pop up along this road to the end of the series. There has to be at least one final interaction between Nancy and Celia.

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