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Weeds "Five Miles from Yetzer Hara" Review: The Last Temptation of Nancy Botwin

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Weeds S08E08: “Five Miles from Yetzer Hara”

It was only a matter of time before temptation caught up with Nancy. When we learned that her promotion included an upgrade from the “pot pill” to an Adderall knock-off, I figured we'd reached that time. She was propositioned by a little old lady receptionist at one of the offices on her sales route. Who wouldn’t want to sell drugs with grandma? Grandma would never steer you wrong.

In Nancy’s case, we’ll never know. After some careful deliberation and a good snog from that hot rabbi—who's clearly losing his own battle with temptation—Nancy turned the drug-peddling receptionist’s lucrative offer down. Yeah yeah, she ended up selling the drugs with Jill later, but that was just to make Jill feel better about being a good role model.

Surprise surprise, Jill wasn’t really knocked up (no, really, I WAS surprised!), just experiencing a menopause-induced false pregnancy. She was pretty banged up about it, retreating to the bathtub with some wine and foie gras. Her biggest fear was that Andy would leave her when he found out, and frankly, I was disappointed when we found out that he did just that. In his defense, she DID keep her empty incubator under wraps for over a week, however: What the HELL, Andy? He was happy dating her when she wasn’t preggers and then spent half an episode debating whether or not he wanted to be with her when she THOUGHT she was preggers, and then, clinging to his delightfully narcissistic angst over how he'd always wondered what his children would look like and now he’ll never know, apparently left Jill after all.

It seems like an odd attitude to suddenly develop. He and Jill were practically sold on the idea of adopting a child before his random bout of regret derailed them. Admittedly, it’s not such a random idea to have, to ponder what your possible future kid might look like, and sure, relationships fall apart all the time based on one partner’s inability or unwillingness to have children, but it just seemed like a random concern coming from ANDY.

Andy basically raised Silas and Shane after their father’s death and has been a wonderful father figure to Jill’s two daughters. He showed understanding and developed a positive rapport with the temple teens in his charge and enthusiastically jumped in to coach the girls’ roller derby team when their original coach bailed. Andy is great with kids, regardless of whether those kids are actually a product of his sexual conquests. I sincerely hope that he realizes that before this show ends because, well, I just really like him and Jill together. It’s good for both of them.

Also good: Nancy and Jill’s verbal battle. It’s been a long time coming. Jill and Nancy are kind of like Barbara Hershey and Bette Midler in Beaches (I know, I know, my taste in movies is really, REALLY appalling) in that they’ve each kind of sort of envied the other for being the kind of person the other wishes she could be. Jill has always envied Nancy because Nancy is sexy and adventurous and she does whatever she wants. Nancy has always envied Jill for being the attentive and involved mother Nancy wishes she was. After they got that out, the sisters went on some bonding adventures. Nancy took Jill out to sell some drugs and commit insurance fraud, then settled down to teach Stevie that the capital of New York is not, in fact, Bagels.

Do you think Andy and Jill are done for good? Is his impressive streak as an upstanding member of society coming to an end?

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– Shane’s new job: Sucky at first glance, but awesome after business hours. He’s like a Robin Hood of the impound lot, stealing from the rich and... What? He’s TECHNICALLY poor!

– Hm. Silas ended up at the fun office after all! Good for him! Unfortunately, he didn’t seem all that happy about growing the best weed in the lab after it was ground up to make some Mirator.

– Yeah, Doug! I knew he’d pull through with some fraudulent homeless shelter shenanigans. And he only got shanked once! His poor housekeeper really needs to find a better gig, though.

– Little Stevie, when quizzed about state capitals, got the answers wrong but still managed to give rather insightful answers: The capital of New York might not be “Bagels” but I’m told that bagels make up an essential part of the New Yorker food pyramid and as such, are held in the sort of love and esteem people should have for their state capital. The capital of Pennsylvania isn’t Pittsburgh, but it should be, according to my obnoxious hometown pride. Look at it go, oh it’s getting everywhere. We should... we should call someone to clean that up. Sorry.

– But seriously, have you ever BEEN to Harrisburg?

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