Weeds: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Weeds S08E07: "Unfreeze"

“Life goes on” is one of Weeds' most tenacious themes. Through the loss of her husband and numerous relocations, brushes with the law, and conflicts with family, friends, and business rivals, Nancy and her flock have been forced to reinvent themselves with an impressive regularity, often in particularly less-than-ideal conditions. You could say that the Botwin brood is just more susceptible to bad luck given their choice of family business, and you might be right, but even here on the other side of the TV, where the real world lives, don’t we all, to an extent, experience the same cycle of rebirth? You go along and live life and then something happens, something big, something that forces you to change and adapt. You freeze, take a time-out to regroup, and then you unfreeze and make a play.

It would seem that the breath Nancy had been holding since her attempted assassination was finally let out after the successful completion of her first day of legal work. It certainly didn’t look to be an easy victory after a vindictive co-worker saddled her with the most difficult doctor a drug rep could ever deal with, but with a little ingenuity and loose morals, Nancy managed to get the job done. Huzzah. Now go buy a dress with sleeves.

Silas, meanwhile, had a rather suckass day and did not make friends in his new office. He found himself further ostracized when his supervisor’s girlfriend spoke to him at a bar. To be fair, she was totally having the eye-sex with him when her douchier half showed up. Still, SILAS JUST WANTS TO BE LOVED, MAN. Poor Silas, it initially looked like he got the fun department, too—you know, the one staffed by the office weirdos (there’s always one and it’s always the awesomest department in the building).

And not to be left out of all the responsible grown-up fun, Andy went to that rabbi Nancy tried to make out with a few weeks ago and asked for a job, making a real effort to be the partner Preggo Jill needs him to be. By some miracle, he landed a position as Director of Spiritual Life with a classroom full of rowdy temple teens. By some even greater miracle, Andy proved that he was actually an AWESOME teacher with his slightly unhinged retelling of that time Elisha sicced two angry bears on a bunch of teenagers for making fun of his baldness. God, I love the Old Testament.

So, three of the Botwins are now gainfully employed in legal fields. While I’m cheering for all of them to continue to be productive, (mostly) law-abiding members of society, realistically, someone is going to screw up. Nancy had a great first day and seems poised to go far in her new gig, so I give her at least another week of blissful sales calls.

Silas, well, with Silas things could go either way. The outlook is bleak now, but some weird stroke of luck could randomly endear him to his co-workers. Clearly, none of them have any real idea of how to grow weed, so Silas could always wow them with his expertise. Or Eye-Sex and Grumpy Face could be into threesomes. Oh come one, would it REALLY surprise anyone?

And then there’s Andy. I think I’m pulling for Andy the hardest because his change has the potential to be the greatest if it holds, and I like Andy and want to see him get some kind of happily ever after at the end of this—as much of a happily ever after as Weeds can muster, anyway. He’s great with kids. No really, he’s the kind of adult I really appreciated when I was younger. From his nephews to the roller derby team to his new class, he’s honest about the kinds of lessons that it’s important for young people to learn. When I was a senior in high school, we were required to take a class called Lifeskills, which was basically Home Ec. except the the boys had to alter hemlines too. I learned more from our teacher just telling random stories about her awful college apartment, her psycho landlord, and her old roommate the pot dealer than I did during any of the resume-crafting sessions, the “How to Balance Your Checkbook” workbook, or the day we had class in the basement so we could learn how to use a washing machine.

Unfortunately, that’s the kind of trait that can sometimes get a teacher in trouble, like the time my aforementioned educator warned us, “If you’re ever caught with weed in your dorms, don’t flush it because sometimes it floats back up. Throw it out the window instead. But only if you can do it without being seen.”

So with regard to who's going to mess up first, my money is on either Silas for being, well, Silas, or Andy for having good intentions paired with a big mouth. What about you?


– Yeah, look, Nancy, hey when I worked in an office, I tried to push the limits of work attire too. Mostly I just wanted to wear flip-flops and tennis shoes and hot-pink eye shadow, but I’m with Silas, that tie-dye bandeau frock isn’t even on the same planet as office attire (unless you work at an AWESOME office, which, unfortunately, you do not). But uh, at least those shoes were cute.

– Andy: “Getting a job has become more of a priority in the past six hours.” Yeah, funny how that happens, huh?

– What are our thoughts regarding Shane’s mysterious new work assignment? Legal or illegal? I’m leaning toward illegal.

– So Doug’s scamming has finally been discovered. He has two days to build the non-profit care facility he's claimed to be running or he'll face fraud charges. I’m kind of giddy by how insane that storyline has the potential to be. Finally! Something for Kevin Nealon to do other than wander around the set in his boxers!

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Aug 14, 2012
Anybody else notice the way Nancy reacted to discovering that Jill and Andy are pregnant? I got the feeling that Nancy was having a bit of an "Oh shit, there goes my back-up!" kind of a moment. Like she's been stringing Andy along all this time so he could always be her fallback man, and now Jill's snagged him for life!
Aug 14, 2012
Drug reps famously do not wear appropriate office attire in any case. They use their bodies to push drugs. Could the doctor see her legs? Then it was appropriate drug rep attire.
Aug 14, 2012
Ahhh, I see. See, the only drug reps I know in real life are men, so I don't think flashing any skin will help sales at all. :/

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