Weeds: Psycho Killer Road Trip

Weeds S08E03: “See Blue and Smell Cheese and Die”

With last week’s revelation that Shane had utilized his shiny new detective skills to figure out who shot his mom combined with his penning the least uplifting welcome home card ever for Nancy’s first day back from the hospital, I was expecting Tim Scottson to be sleeping with the fishes by the end of “See Blue and Smell Cheese and Die” (what a mouthful of an episode title, by the way).

Nancy, still determined to right many of her past wrongs and point her family in a moral direction, dragged a reluctant Silas on a road trip to rescue her would-be assassin from her occasionally homicidal son. Silas insisted that Shane probably wouldn’t KILL Tim, just torture him a little. “Maybe this kid NEEDS ten minutes with Shane,” he argued to convince Nancy to let him stop at the A&W; for fresh-from-the-tap root beer. It worked, I mean, A & W root beer is so awesome and Tim DID shoot Nancy in the face. On the downside, since the shooting, Nancy’s sense of taste has messed up and now everything tastes like black licorice. Then again, maybe that was just the bad taste left behind when Silas spilled the beans about Shane joining the police force. Oops.

At the conclusion of “Messy,” the Season 8 premiere, and throughout last week’s follow-up episode, it was implied that Nancy knew exactly who had targeted her and that she understood Tim’s reasoning. She seemed to picture him as a misguided little boy who had needed to take the pain of losing his father out on Nancy in order to move past the experience and continue on with his life. In a way, Nancy wasn’t wrong, but there was definitely an element of naivety to her rationale. When Nancy and Silas finally tracked Tim down to his rural Pennsylvania home, it became clear that yes, Tim had been deeply affected by his father’s murder years ago, but the damage that had been done ran much deeper than something that could be healed with a quick and dirty attempted murder. Maybe Tim had experienced some big catharsis after he shot Nancy and maybe he’d never come after her again, but he was still unbalanced and messed up, hurting other people, including himself.

So, how is Tim creepy? Let me count the ways:

1. Twelve dead rabbits stacked neatly on the windowsill, all named Peter, after his late father, because that’s definitely the sign of a mentally stable human being.

2. Kooky (formerly Amish?) hostage/girlfriend who definitely appeared to be missing a few cards in her deck. She was sweet, though. I’m glad she bailed while Tim and Nancy were having their little bonding experience.

3. Despite the apology a few episodes back and the confession that shooting Nancy didn’t really make him feel better at all, when push came to shove, Tim still spouted off some crazytalk about how he hoped Nancy would sneeze and “see blue, smell cheese, and die” when the bullet in her head moved. Cute.

When Creepy Girlfriend revealed that Creepy Tim’s “friend” had come around earlier to pick up his gun, Nancy and Silas figured that it was Shane and met Tim at work before Shane could put the gun to use. Tim worked at Subway because Subway is on some sort of product placement rampage lately. I mean seriously, I need both hands to count how many shows I saw the sandwich shop mentioned on this week. It’s getting a little bit silly.

Anyway, Silas and Nancy kidnapped Creepy Tim and attempted to track Shane down. Finally, fully understanding just how screwed up Tim was by his dad’s death, and trying very hard to be nice to her wannabe killer, Nancy snapped and said, “It sucks that you grew up without a dad but that is no excuse to act like a psychopath.” Sing it, sister. Sometimes a brutally honest kick in the pants is just what we angry little half-orphans need.

And sometimes it just doesn’t work, like with Tim here. But lucky for Timmy, Shane has appeared to work through his own daddy issues and rather than shoot him back, Shane instead crashed Nancy’s counseling session with a cavalry of cops, arresting the little weirdo despite Nancy’s protestations. Right before he was led away, Nancy mouthed, “I’m sorry,” and Creepy Tim silently accepted it, turning this whole tragedy into something that can be seen as a sort of positive experience, however flimsy it may be. Look at it this way, therapy is a wonderful thing when you need it and Tim clearly needed it. Nancy is being pretty forgiving about the attempted murder thing and clearly wants Tim to get his life together and make something of himself. While an attempted murder record will certainly preclude Creepy Tim from having any sort of mindblowingly awesome career, he at least has the chance to move beyond being that weird guy with all the dead rabbits. Everybody wins. Sort of.

Do you think this is the last we’ve seen of Tim Scottson?

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– Kevin Nealon and Steve Martin sang “Little Boxes” this week. It was a little weird and a lot of awesome.

– Doug was fired from Vehement Capital, but it was totally fine because he decided he’d rather embezzle money through charity organizations instead. I guess he didn’t get Nancy’s memo about not being an awful human being.

– Wow, Jill’s daughters are truly awful little girls, aren’t they? I loved Andy coaching the roller derby, though, especially the scene with the girl whose mother USED to be the coach. It was so awkward and cute.

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