Weeds: Status Quo Rising

Weeds S08E04: “Only Judy Can Judge”

It would seem that Nancy was recovering nicely and feeling much better, what with her skinny-dipping adventure and all, but then she had to go and get all discombobulated at laser tag and forget her youngest son’s name, quickly yanking everyone back to reality concerning her condition and, to an extent, her way of life. Weeds' eighth season has been presented as the “redemption” season for Nancy Botwin after seven preceding seasons of “Walter White Lite” and so far, she has made great strides toward recalibrating her moral compass. However, when push came to shove this week, safeguarding the family business ultimately trumped the family itself as Nancy had no choice but to bail on a zoo trip with little Stevie to get Kiki out of a bind when a weed deal went sideways on Staten Island.

Is this a sign of things to come? Of a return to the status quo? I’d like to believe that it’s not because I’m truly enjoying Nancy 2.0 in ways that I haven’t enjoyed her character in a while. However, with Andy slipping back into his old pining-away-for-Nancy ways and the tentative understanding that Silas initially had toward Shane’s career choice already crumbling, I’m certain that there are some storms on the horizon for Botwin clan.

I think I actually feel the worst for Andy and Jill at the moment. Mostly Jill, because Andy kind of blew it this week when he deliberately ditched roller derby with Jill’s daughters so that he could stay home and cook for Nancy. While I don’t think that Nancy particularly manipulated him into it or anything, his eagerness to jump to her service doesn’t bode well for his relationship with Jill. It reduces his time with her to a grief-fuelled rebound, and while the general consensus all last season has been that a rebound was exactly what their relationship was/is, I was pulling for them. I’m still pulling for them. I just don’t necessarily have as much faith in them.

After noticing how quickly her youngest son, Stevie, attached himself to Jill and Andy, to the point that he crawled into bed with them rather than with his mother when he was scared at night, Nancy understandably panicked and sought to remedy that. She planned a day at the zoo, and despite Jill’s objections that Nancy wouldn’t be able to keep up with the energetic kid, she was determined to have some quality mother-son time.

And then Kiki called. Kiki has been trying to get a hold of Nancy for weeks, claiming to be running low on supply and at a loss for what to do. I’m not entirely sure why Silas couldn’t have hooked her up, especially considering she had made him aware of her dilemma just last week, but by the time she got through to Nancy this week, she was stranded in Staten Island after her supposed pot connection turned out to be a dud. They dealt in hash and Nancy’s weed connoisseurs simply weren’t interested, not their business, etc. Unfortunately for Kiki, the hash dealers weren’t ready to let her leave without making a sale.

Nancy’s rescue cost her that adorable flowered cane and after Kiki admitted that the reason she wasn’t using the usual channels to replenish her stash was that none of them would sell to her, Nancy tracked down Demetri (HI DEMETRI!) with his “idiot entourage” at a laser tag course. Despite his reluctance to work with her again and her own poor reaction to the flashing lights (note to self: Do not play laser tag when recovering from brain damage), they managed to strike up a deal. Nancy went home to an Andy-cooked dinner featuring Shane’s police cadet girlfriend as a guest (awkward) and despite calling Stevie by the wrong name during her toast, when he couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night—no doubt an effect of Jill doping him up with Dimetapp earlier in the evening—Stevie went to Nancy for comfort and Nancy took him on one of her super secret swimming adventures. She kept her clothes on this time though, because that would have just been weird.

So, let’s talk about Andy and Jill. Doomed? They sounded pretty doomed. When Jill confronted Andy about his decision to blow off her family to take care of Nancy’s, laid her concerns on the table, and point-blank stated that she “needed to know” that Andy was “in this all the way,” Andy countered with the jaw-droppingly evasive, “We have a good thing going on. Let’s not ruin it by over-thinking.” He later amended his point with, “Why does commitment have to be exclusive?”

Really, dude?

Let’s just say that Andy wasn’t talking about romance, but was talking about commitment in the larger sense, the idea that he is in the unique position to act as a father figure in two separate families—Jill’s and Nancy’s. It can be done and there’s nothing wrong with that. I have a wonderful uncle who is a father to his own family and acts as a father figure to my brother and I in meaningful ways. Feel-good flicks are rife with such arrangements. But even in such relationships, there is still a primary family and a secondary family. If Andy pursues a committed relationship with Jill and dedicates himself to Jill and her girls, then he needs to respect Jill’s concerns when it comes to placing her and her family front and center.

Now, can Jill be a little demanding at times and was drugging Stevie solely so that he would sleep through the dinner that Nancy was hoping would be a close family gathering catty and uncalled for? Absolutely. Andy is still the uncle to Nancy’s children and his concern is genuine, even outside of his crush on Nancy herself. However, Jill has given up a lot of security to be with Andy; it’s understandable that she’d panic at the first sign of Andy bailing.

And with that being said, what are your thoughts? Is Andy going to ditch Jill?

Hash Tags

– Uhhh, can we give Doug something to do other than poop on his own newspaper and spend an entire episode convinced that it was the neighbor’s dog?

– Do NOT compare Silas to Christian Grey, Kiki. You’re both better than that.

– Silas’s new BFF, RJ, is kind of awesome, but I wanted to smack him for planting those little seeds of paranoia in Silas's head when it came to Shane’s career aspirations. I always kind of took Shane to be one of those delightfully hypocritical do-gooder heirs to a dynasty built on illegal activities. You know, “dynastic drug-dealing families are BAD... except for MY dynastic drug-dealing family.” I really can’t see Shane turning on his family. Can you?

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