Weeds "Threshold" Review: The Newlywed Game

Weeds S08E10: “Threshold”

Surprise, surprise—as soon as he carried her across the threshold, it became glaringly obvious that Andy had made a terrible mistake in marrying his barely-out-of-high-school waitress, Joanna. At least he owned up to it, citing “fresh blueberries and young eggs” as his primary motivations for tying the knot. I’m a little confused about Joanna’s motivation, though, considering she was refreshingly insightful about the whole not wanting kids thing.

Andy’s face fell when she told him that sure, she wanted kids someday, but not for another eight to ten years. After all, she was just 22 and while playing with her baby cousins was fun, they were also a lot of work and she knew that she wasn’t ready. How someone with such wonderful common sense turns around and marries the creepy dude at the diner because she “thought it would be fun” and because he reminded her of her dad, I’m not entirely sure, so I’ll just chalk it up to Joanna being weird. Also: kids these days.

Our other Botwin couples had an equally awful time this week. Shane and Angela tracked down the impound car that was stolen during their joyride/make-out session and successfully retrieved it, only to shatter the windshield and get pulled over by the cops on the trip home. I’m sure that will do wonders for their law-enforcement careers.

Nancy and Rabbi Dave decided to make their relationship official(ish), but their first “date” was plagued with problems, from Nancy’s non-kosher picnic lunch to Dave’s aversion to the word “girlfriend.” Still, they pushed onward, setting up a dinner-date with some of Rabbi Dave’s couple friends. That date actually went swimmingly. Maybe even TOO swimmingly. Nancy retreated to the kitchen when an invitation to chill at one of the couples’ remote (remotely romantic?) cabins led to another allergic reaction to dating from Dave. Nancy learned that his wife had only been dead for a mere 15 months and that she was the first real effort to move on that Dave had made.

Nancy approached Dave about whether he actually felt ready to re-enter the dating world and he deflected with some blah blah about the “traditional Jewish mourning period” that looks nice on paper and might be helpful in theory, but like any “standard” mourning period is more about public gesture than personal healing. Maybe officially, David did his time and according to the standards in his religion, was ready to dive back into the dating sea. But personally? The guy was still holding some reservations and while part of Nancy’s motivation in breaking it off with him might have been her own desire to avoid being the rebound “shiksa,” I think a good bit of it was also her own insight into widowhood.

Then there was poor single Silas. His pathetic little lament, “I just want to GROW,” was such a weirdly honest and heartfelt reaction to Nancy’s refusal to let him use the Big Tobacco cash to go buy gardening supplies. In a twisted way, Silas seems to be the Botwin with the purest motivations.

After Nancy refused to let him dip into the tobacco cash for supplies, Silas decided to steal his awesome plants from Smith-Johnson and was promptly caught and fired. Dejected, he shared a joint with his creepy-old-man-in-training uncle in the backyard and the pair bonded over their ability to read Nancy’s mind by studying her gait. After a brief sharing-and-caring session about her and Andy’s marital/dating woes, Nancy conceded that hey, man, she’s a pot dealer. She’s a pot dealer and she’s okay with it. That’s just who she is and what she does.

“Except that you don’t,” Silas interjected, pointing out that his mother’s current job title hovered somewhere around pharma rep and Big Tobacco pseudo-manager, “There’s no pot-selling there.”

To which Nancy said, “Eff that,” and in the morning, unveiled an ambitious plan to get MILF back on the market with Silas at her side. It looks like the Botwins are back in business.


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– OMG HE CAN SING TOO. This week’s “Little Boxes” was performed by Weeds’ own Hunter Parrish.

– Doug and his homeless entourage continues to be my favorite B-story. He means well, he’s just an awful human being, and no, Gushers (though delicious) are not an adequate substitute for a fruit tray. Raise your hand if you think he’ll actually open a legit shelter by the time the series ends. Yeah, me too.

– "La Plante Industries." Nice throwback to Nancy’s first fake identity. I love the fact that Silas thought it was a terrible name. Though frankly, his suggestion was pretty terrible, too.

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