Weekend Wrap-Up: June 5, 2006

Fuel deficient

American Idol runner-up Chris Daughtry has officially declined an invitation to join the rock band Fuel. The band's bass player Jeff Abercrombie and guitarist Carl Bell made the public offer in an appearance on the TV show Extra immediately after Daughtry had been eliminated from the reality show.

On Saturday, Daughtry told the Charlotte Observer that he wasn't going to replace Fuel's former singer Brett Scallions, who left in February. "I'm going to be doing my own thing," Daughtry said.

Friends with funny

Jennifer Aniston got some good news in her post-Friends film career when her romantic comedy The Break-Up, costarring her reported beau Vince Vaughn, opened at number one in the US box office. The film overcame mostly negative reviews to earn $38.4 million.

Aniston's previous three films--Rumor Has It, Derailed, and Friends With Money--opened with $7 million, $12 million, and $589,000, respectively.

MTV movie awards Crashers

Vince Vaughn was on a roll this weekend. At the MTV Movie Awards, he and Owen Wilson were honored with Best Movie and Best Onscreen Team for their 2005 film Wedding Crashers.

The MTV Movie Awards, which also featured appearances by Will Ferrell, Jessica Simpson, and Jamie Foxx, airs on MTV on Thursday, June 8, at 8:30 p.m.

Friends with heat

In other former Friends news, FX has ordered a full season of Dirt, a new drama starring Courteney Cox as a magazine editor. The show, which is set in the gritty world of tabloid magazines, is scheduled to air in early 2007. Hollywood Reporter says the network was so happy with Cox that they ordered reshoots to include her in more scenes.

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Jul 17, 2006
I think Vince Vaughn is an awesome comedy actor! I'm glad that Jennifer is doing well. She deserves it.
Jun 14, 2006
I think those guys are better together than apart.
Jun 06, 2006
Vince Vaughn is fricken awful at comedy acting, hes like an unfunny Ben Stiller and he was only funny in Zoolander.

Jun 05, 2006
i'm not sure if jennifer aniston can really take credit for that opening weekend - vince vaughn is pretty popular after the wedding crashers. but whatever, brad has a baby, she has this.

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