What Are You Expecting From NBC's The Cape?

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If you've tuned into NBC over the past few weeks then you've seen 'em: Promo spots for The Cape, the network's latest attempt at the superhero genre. The Cape stars David Lyons (ER) as Vince Faraday, a policeman who was framed for a murder he didn't commit. He's thought to be dead, so he assumes a new identity as comic-book superhero The Cape to clear his name and reunite himself with his family. Faraday is trained by a group of carnival workers, and uses his skills to fight corruption and evil in the fictional Palm City.

How does that sound to you, fair reader? Superheroes are still popular these days, and any show with a hint of the superpower is going to get a lot of attention. But a man framed for murder and trained by Carnies? Hmmm. Did NBC not get enough of the carnival-trained superheroes from Heroes?

There's no way to say whether the show will be good or bad until it airs, and even after that it's simply a matter of opinion. But NBC has given us some details and a few promos, so we can start guessing whether this show will rock or stink.

Here's the most recent promo, which has been airing on the network for the last couple weeks:

And here's an older extended look at the pilot:

Like I said, I'm reserving final judgment until the two-hour pilot airs in early January, but things aren't looking too good. The promo is about as cliched as can be ("I know the guilty and I will not stop until they know justice!"), and NBC's recent track record with sci-fi and fantasy series is abysmal. On the plus side, True Blood's creep-tastic James Frain plays the villain known as "Chess," the always awesome Keith David plays The Cape's circus mentor, and for you Summer Glau fans, sci-fi's fair lass is set to play an investigative blogger (whatever happened to journalists?) who helps our hero out.

What do you think so far? Does The Cape have a shot at greatness, or is it another case of NBC doing very little with a concept that has so much potential?

The Cape premieres Sunday, January 9 on NBC with a two-hour episode.

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